Friday, July 8, 2011

Amazing Guitarists!

Rodrigo y Gabriela
 I found about this great duo three years ago and I find them amazing. Rodrigo y Gabriela began playing thrash metal in Mexico City until they decided to move to Europe where they began playing live gigs and pubs of Ireland. They toured to festivals around Europe in 2005 and later on became #1 in the Irish Albums Chart! They dont really believe their music is part of any genre but instead a fusion of various!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Spanish Street Dancer

Spanish Street Dancerr
"There is something beautiful about street dancing. You don't need any publicity, need of lights or decorated stages. Art here is very direct, making it able to be closer with the public, sharing the same space without any distinction" -Street Dancer 

"Existe algo bello al danzar en la calle. No se necesita la publicidad ni el escenario, tampoco las luces del teatro. El arte aqui es muy directo y cerca, podiendo compartir el mismo espacio con el publico sin alguna distincion." -Bailarin de la Calle

Las Ramblas Street Dancer Spain

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Argentina's Malambo

Argentina Gaucho Malambo
Malambo was born in the country, northern part of Argentina around 1600. This form of dance is solely accompanied with guitar and drums and without lyrics. Although today women dance Malambo, it is a dance executed only by men. The dancer demonstrates his abilities through the "zapateo" which is the fast paced foot work. Besides heavy foot work there is a lot of leg crossing and also dancing with "boleadores" which are string with leather balls that were used in the country to capture livestock. There are two sub genres recognised in Malambo, one is el sureño (southern) and norteño (northern). These are two different styles form two different regions, in the southern region the dance is more sauve and ingenious meanwhile in the northern the characteristic of Malambo is stronger, trying to demonstrate agility, liveliness and its vigour.

El Malambo nace en las Pampas Argentinas al norte del pais alrededor de 1600. Esta forma de danza es usualmente instrumental con la guitarra y tambores y el zapateado del bailarin. El malambo es solamente executado por los hombres. El bailarin demuestra las abilidades a traves del movimiento rapido del zapateado, demostrando su agilidad creando figuras rapidas y movimientos de las piernas. En el Malambo tambien existen los boledores que incluyen en la danza cuerdas con bolas. Las boleadoras se usan para danzas folclóricas gauchescas.Se agitan con gran abilidad, haciendo varias figuras, en torno a los cuerpos de los bailarines y tambien se utilizan como instrumentos de percusión.

Monday, April 18, 2011

If We Dont Dance We Are Lost!

Dance Dance Otherwise we are Lost!!!!!  Bailemos, de lo contrario estamos perdidos! Se nós não dançamos, estaremos perdidos! (English, Español, Português)

PINA - Dance, Dance, Otherwise We Are Lost .

Danza / Varon estilo Joaquín Cortes
I found through another blog this great video, it really speaks the truth of why we should all dance, our body movements have always been part of us since the moment we were born. Not dancing is like being in a state of comma. We need to dance to feel our freedom, our joy, our happiness, our feelings. Without dancing we are really lost.
Encontré este vídeo espectacular que realmente manda un mensaje muy claro "Si no bailamos, estamos perdidos!" Es preciso bailar para poder conocer nuestro cuerpo, para poder experimentar con nuestro cuerpo nuevos movimientos. Sin bailar es realmente como estar en un estado vegetal, rígido o muerto. Necesitamos bailar para poder sentir nuestra libertad! nuestra felicidad! nuestros sentimientos! Tenemos que aprovechar que estamos vivos! Si no bailamos estaremos perdidos!

Eu encontrei um vídeo que realmente envia um mensagem muito importante. Se nós não dançamos, estaremos perdidos! Nós temos que dançar para poder conhecer nosso corpo, para poder sentir os movimentos. Sem dançar, nós estamos mortos. Precisamos dançar para poder sentir a nossa liberdade, nossa felicidade, nossos sentimentos! Temos que agradecer que estamos vivos! Se não dançamos estamos perdidos!

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